Recovery Toner by Newmark Beauty

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Our Recovery Toner is a proprietary blend of essential oils , meticulously designed with powerful antioxidants, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, antimicrobial, antiseptic, astringent and anti-aging properties. This extraordinary formula promotes skin healing, stimulates the production of new skin cells, reduces the appearance of dark spots, scars and acne. Helps tone, soothe, lighten and lift. Leaving you with healthy radiant skin.

Great for all skin types and genders.

Use daily on face or body: After facial cleansing, shake bottle and dispense a small amount onto clean fingers and lightly apply and pat over the entire face and neck area. 

Active Ingredients: Rosewater, Glycerin, Aloe, Frankincense EO, Sandalwood EO, Helichrysum EO, Ylang Ylang EO, Geranium EO, Lavender EO, Chamomile EO, Rose Hips EO, Neroli EO, and Cedarwood EO

Professional Grade Products

Our entire collection of skincare and products is formulated with professional-grade ingredients and developed in collaboration with Hollywood Beauty Guru Robyn Newmark.

Clean Beauty That Works

At Newmark Beauty, we believe in harnessing the power of nature to create effective and luxurious skincare. That's why all our products are formulated with clean, all-natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin and kind to the environment.