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Another professional option for permanent hair reduction.

No Grow Intimate Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor. The gentle way.

Completely smooth or artfully sculpted. Now you can have the look and feel you want with No Grow Intimate Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor. Our unisex cream is ideally suited for your intimate area, being gentle yet highly effective. This unique formula helps to neutralise hair roots to reduce future growth so you can stay the best ‘you’ for longer.


– Ideal for pubic and underarm hair
– Helps with long-term hair removal
– Gentle on the skin
– Easily applied at home
– Works on all hair colours and textures, and skin types
– Safe to use over tattoos

What is No Grow

No Grow is a permanent hair reduction treatment known as “Laser Hair Removal in a tube” which has taken the beauty industry by storm. It is the only at home permanent hair reduction system. It is uniquely formulated to help reduce and neutralize future hair growth.

  • No Grow should not be mistaken for a typical depilatory cream designed solely for surface hair removal. While the product does include an ingredient that can dissolve fine surface hairs, this isn’t its primary purpose.
  • This once-weekly treatment permanently reduces body and facial
    hair safely after 7-8 months.
  • It is completely safe to use with most medications.
  • It is safe to use over tattoos and does not effect the ink’s pigment.

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